Analysis – Art of Teaching

Analysis of the art of teaching within the purview of Indian System.

An individual always gets an opportunity in his student days to experience a teacher who has just entered the profession. The reception the teacher gets depends on the age scale of the students.  The younger the students are, the better the teacher is accepted, irrespective of the quality of teaching. As the students get older, there is always a sense of restlessness if the teacher is not upto the mark as expected by the students. If the first few sessions doesn’t go well with the students and a feedback mechanism is absent, the students generally start creating trouble for the want of missing the class.

I happened to experience the same recently. A new lecturer had joined the college and we were all curious to know how she would cope up with our antics and teach a subject at the senior level. It so happened that the 1st day she took the class, she had a very bad beginning. Her body language was provocative by trying to dominate with the word Go. Also the what she took things was very bad. Her threshold levels were very low when it came to silence and she incidentally taught less and scolded more. This hit upon the psychology of the students on how they perceived her and the level of respect they had for the new lecturer. This continued for more than 3-4 sessions and by that time student had started provoking the teacher. There was a drastic shift in the level of respect she was getting.

After 7-8 days she did settle down by increasing her threshold level to the disturbance created by the students and also by concentrating on the content she was teaching. As this improved there was again a considerable shift in the psychology of the student. having seen that their antics is not getting the due attention, students became independent in their approach . Instead of directly provoking her, they were involved in their work without disturbing the class. Thus the level of respect to the lecturer from the students had increased without their knowledge. It was a non violent strategy followed by the lecturer and it did work out . But this created a new challenge of getting the students involved in the content she was teaching in.

Thus for a teacher, getting the respect initially a big challenge compared to any other thing. Once a level of respect is achieved , he/she can weave her web of control and get the students to swing to her tunes. Once this critical point is achieved, a teacher more a step ahead in becoming a successful teacher.

Teaching is a challenging profession. Not all teachers are born to be one. Nevertheless they adopt themselves and try to bring out the best in them.   Its a mystical profession where one can control the thought process of hundreds of young minds leading to a better future for themselves and the generation ahead.

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