Those were the days when MTV was a craze, very few chan­nels were in true color, mil­len­nium was round the cor­ner and I had hit my teens. It was Venga Boys who were the first ones to draw my atten­tion towards the techno music. When­ever their songs played, there was a sense of energy and enthu­si­asm around the place.

Heard this song again after many years at the Sylvester cel­e­bra­tions at the Bran­den­burg Tor in Berlin and sud­denly a lot of mem­o­ries flowed in trance. As I revis­ited it today on YouTube, I was sur­prised to know that this was a remix of an orig­i­nal song called “Bar­ba­dos” sung by Typ­i­cally Trop­i­cal in 1975. Nev­er­the­less the Venga Boys had done a great job in bring­ing in an ele­ment of Ibiza into the Caribbean flavor.

Here’s the orig­i­nal and the remixed versions!



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