B N Raghunatharao: A legendary geologist

We are talking about Dr Raghunatharao, who was one of the first to identify the Mardihalli Pillow lavas (circa 2750 million years old) in Chitradurga district, which, subsequently, has been declared as a National Geological Monument by the Geological Survey of India (GSI).

He also identified banded ferruginous quartzite, volcanic bombs, volcanic chutes, volcanic plugs, ripple lava and other geological structures like the “subsidence caldera” in the Chitradurga region.

His work received public recognition in 1985, when Dr B P Radhakrishna, former director of mines and geology, Karnataka, published a paper in GSI Journal, highlighting the work done by Dr Raghunatharao.
Dr Raghunatharao conducted the geological survey of about 1,800 sq miles, walking on foot! He had mapped 1,200 sq miles of the area for his work on volcanic activity in Chitradurga schist belt. According to colleagues, the geological maps and studies made by him in 1953 are identical with satellite pictures taken after two decades. They have been confirmed by the work done in the area by other geologists in later years.
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