Analysis – Rural Indian Entrepreneurs

This article deals with the analysis of micro economy and rural entrepreneurship skills.

Its sunday and the eerie early morning silence is broken by the men and women who have made their way to the city from their villages. They unravel their goods and prepare to face the rest of their day which will test their street smartness and their natural entrepreneurship skills. The phenomenon is known as Raithara  santhe ( Farmers Market) in local lingo.

During early days farmers used to bring their crop and sell it directly to the customers. The profit margin was high as the middle men were avoided. This tradition has led to the formation of santhe. Nowadays santhe is considered as an excuse to sell everything under the sun. Right from cloths to antiques, pottery to toys everything is sold. Women have taken the lead to be part of this phenomenon. From centuries, women have been subdued to be just the part of house hold activities. They have been asked to manage things with miniscule resources. Starting from low finace to managing large family with limited food resiurces, Indian women has done it all. This largely has contributed to the evolution of the mind in such a way that  now, they are by nature good entrepreneurs.

With the modern world accepting the role of the women in larger scale, Indian women have the advantage of using her long developed skills in creating better deals and increasing the profit. This is especially seen at the grass root levels such as a santhe. They sell their produce completing with men. But its the evolution which has given her the advantage to do that extra bit to sell things. In technical terms she is an efficient manager with expertise in parameters concerning the local market. Without her knowledge she is a very good asset to her family.

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